The slick software
for FF&E specification
Specmee revolutionizes the interior design practice
by providing an end-to-end tool to source, specify, manage and buy design products.

Because time efficiency is the essence of your business success
we made it Better. Smarter. Faster.
Seamless Workflow
Simplify and automatize the entire FF&E process chain
Product Sourcing
Personalized Specification
Project Management
Procurement Coordination
Source among
600 000 products
Enjoy the most powerful product library
more than 4000 international brands and emerging talents
seating, lighting, office, outdoor…
everything at one door.
Easy. Quick. Effortless.
Professional specifications at one click
No more boring and time-consuming data fill-in
Qualified specification sheets made simple as one push
Product details, pictures, characteristics, suppliers, notes…
then… automatically. instantly.
Specmee streamlines
your FF&E process & documentation
your own firm library
Add your local partners and preferred products
Save and feed your library
Specify and communicate with your suppliers
Specify any products
from the web
Clip any picture, any source of the web
Save to project and feed continuously your library
Combine all your specifications at one point
Entirely yours
Personalized documentation with your firm details
Add and collaborate with team members
Share your library and split tasks
Liaise with vendors
Information and communication made simple
Finishes, samples, pricing… request at one click
Be straight away in touch with more than 4000 vendors
Showcase & Share
your work
Inspiration, mood board, FF&E schedule, budget…
Proposal made fully automatic and appealing
Share it anytime, access it anywhere
Professional FF&E schedule at single click
Get quoted and make budget in few seconds
Extract BOQ xls, send LPOs & invoices
Whether you are specifier or buyer…
Specmee is a revolutionary time partner.

"Great and unlimited source of products straight in line with vendors, sharp and qualified documentation without any effort… this is a real time saving tool"

Audrey Wattebled
Designer at codebar
Retail design firm

"Well done! Efficient source for alternatives, buy straight from manufacturers, consolidated, organized, easy to use. This allows a smooth procurement and full focus on site execution"

Othmane Mekouar
General Manager at 6inch
Interior fit out company
Trusted by the world best professionals around the world
over 12.000 users across 45 countries


Per Month
  • 1 GB Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles
  • Customer Service
  • Manual Backup


Per Month
  • 2 GB Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles
  • Customer Service
  • Manual Backup


Per Month
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited Styles
  • Customer Service
  • Auto Backup